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Having a Will in place enables your wishes to be communicated after your death.

Our Will Writing services are personalised uniquely to you and your family arrangements, outlining your affairs and giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out.

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Why Should I Use Brighton Wills?

  • We are members of The Society of Will Writers who administrate the Code of Practice
  • Brighton Wills & Family Trusts as members of The Society of Will Writers, we carry indemnity insurance of £2,000,000.
  • The Society of Will Writers provides professional legal support to our family business, keeping an eye on the legal and regulatory aspect of our operation.
  • This well-established organisation provides the assurance you need from a company dealing with something as important as writing your Will.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do will writers only write wills?

Some will writers only provide a basic service, but at Brighton Wills we also prepare lasting power of attorney documents, probate forms, family trusts and protective property trusts.

Whether you need anything other than a simple will written depends on your circumstances and how much control you would like over your affairs. We can quickly help you understand what you need, and if it is just a will, no problem — you will be taking a responsible step forward and we will be delighted to help.

Why should I make a will?

Preparing a will lets you choose how to distribute your wealth when you die — provides valuable protection for your loved ones — and ensures they avoid lengthy, stressful administrative procedures.

If you die intestate (without a will in place), someone you barely know or dislike could claim your money and belongings.

Relatives can raise disputes over their claim to your estate, and this can result in arguments and disagreements at an already emotional time.

Children can lose their inheritance if your surviving spouse or partner chooses to remarry.

And assets could be frozen or even lost to the state, causing your family significant financial hardship.

However, making a will and including the correct provisions can ensure that your loved ones will receive the inheritance as you intended.

What to Consider

Passing without a will in place could leave your loved ones facing financial hardship, unbearable pressure and mounting legal fees at a time of mourning. A will helps protect your assets and relieves the debilitating worry your family could face.

Did you know that over 850,000 people in the UK are affected by dementia? Loss of mental capacity could leave you unable to access your bank account, pay your bills and maintain your home unless you have prepared a lasting power of attorney.

Probate can often seem overwhelming so close to bereavement, and the process can appear confusing, time-consuming and complicated. We can apply for a grant of probate on your behalf and administer the probate forms to relieve the pressure.

A Family Trust can be a simple way to protect your assets and put your family first. It lets you choose how to benefit your family during your lifetime and makes critical provisions should you die. Assets can be diminished over time, and a Family Trust is a cost-effective way of preventing this from happening.

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